Blink Turns: An exercise to tame blurred vision

When an inner ear suddenly stops working, the first sign is seeing the room spin.  There’s another sign that is also very annoying and unsettling—the world can appear to shift in a blur when turning your head quickly.  Usually this just happens when you turn toward the bad ear.  If both ears are not working, this blurring can happen every time the head moves or even jiggles slightly.

The inner ears help keep your vision focused when your head is moving.  Without this reflex, your visual world would tend to smear with every head movement, like a bad video.  The inner ears work by signaling to the eyes that they must counter-balance every head movement by moving in the opposite direction of the turn. If the inner ears fail in this job, the world moves when moving your head, called oscillopsia. Seeing your vision smear when you turn your head makes you feel a sick sensation of spinning. 

It’s possible to fix this symptom almost instantly.  The exercise is called “blink turns”.  If you see the room spin when turning your head, you won’t see it if your eyes are closed.  You need to learn how to blink every time you turn your head, to cover up the symptom.  It’s surprisingly simple to learn to do this, and it immediately stops the blurring of vision.

Here’s a video to show you how to do the exercise so you can get rid of this annoying oscillopsia:

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