What if exercise worsens your vertigo?

It’s a mantra everywhere: exercise is good for you.  If you want to lose weight, you should diet and exercise.  If you want to slow aging, exercise is key.  But what do you do if exercise sets off vertigo?  Is the dizziness a sign you are hurting yourself even more?  Should you avoid exercise?  ThatContinue reading “What if exercise worsens your vertigo?”

The truth about exercise

At the New Year we’re always looking for good resolutions.  How about a book that helps you and your family?  An exciting new book is out about exercise, by the noted vertigo expert and famed neurologist, Dr. Robert Baloh.  He has researched vertigo for over 50 years and saw thousands of patients in his practiceContinue reading “The truth about exercise”

Ask the Doctor: BPPV

As a scientist and an engineer I couldn’t grasp how this condition I have is so… analog. Everyone just says “Oh a crystal got into your vestibular system”. And I think, “why is it so much worse some days than others?” How can I feel 95% ok like I do now with no real lastingContinue reading “Ask the Doctor: BPPV”