Dizziness: Fainting vs. Inner ear disease

Dizziness, lightheadedness, or giddiness can result from many different diseases and is not limited to problems in the inner ears.    In general, these symptoms can be broken into two broad  categories: presyncopal lightheadedness, and vestibular dizziness.  Syncope is the medical term for a faint.  When you feel as if you are passing out or aboutContinue reading “Dizziness: Fainting vs. Inner ear disease”

Making the diagnosis: The first spell

Vertigo and dizziness come from many different causes, and it is important to figure out exactly which one is the source.  When people come to me with a dizziness problem, one of the key things to narrow down the diagnosis is to have them describe their first spell.  Here are a couple of examples: BethContinue reading “Making the diagnosis: The first spell”

Take the first steps to solve vertigo

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms people report to their doctors. Sadly, many people never find out why they are dizzy. Their doctors often have very limited knowledge about the many different problems that generate vertigo, so they dread seeing dizzy patients and have little to provide in the way of treatment. MostContinue reading “Take the first steps to solve vertigo”