Beyond Dizziness: Other symptoms of vestibular disease

Ringing in the ears, called tinnitus,  is a sign of inner ear disease.  It is normal to occasionally feel a sudden stuffiness in one ear followed by ringing that gets louder and then subsides over several seconds.  When the feeling persists for several minutes or more, it can indicate an ear problem.   The sounds heardContinue reading “Beyond Dizziness: Other symptoms of vestibular disease”

Why does vertigo make me sick?

Nausea and vomiting commonly accompany vertigo.  People vary in how sensitive they are to motion.  Some vomit with even mild dizziness, and others can experience violent vertigo with only mild nausea.  If you can see the environment spinning, and it continues for more than a few minutes, nausea will usually begin to build.   Vomiting canContinue reading “Why does vertigo make me sick?”

The problem of falling

Falling  can occur due to vestibular disease, but also happens in normal people.  Humans stand on two feet, which is much less stable than the four-footed mobility of most animals.  To master this, we had to develop a tight system of reflexes and feedback to our balance system.   There are three critical areas: 1) TheContinue reading “The problem of falling”