Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease, often called endolymphatic hydrops, is one of the more feared vertigo disorders because it lasts for many years, results in repeated vertigo spells that can be very severe and disabling, and results in permanent hearing loss. It is also frequently overdiagnosed, so many of the people who may have been told that they have Meniere’s disease actually have another cause of vertigo. 

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Treating H-BPPV: Gufoni maneuver

In this video, we show you how to treat H-BPPV at home. The Gufoni maneuver has been used for many years to treat this condition, and it is the maneuver I used on most patients for this form of BPPV. H-BPPV is harder to treat because it is very nauseating, so you may need help from a professional if you can’t tolerate the maneuver. ENT physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and audiologists may be able to help you.

Horizontal canal BPPV

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We’ve talked about BPPV in the videos and prior postings.  The semicircular canals are the ring-shaped sensors for spinning, and there are three in each ear, so this system is fully 3D.  You can sense spinning in any direction thanks to this set-up.  Most BPPV affects a vertical sensor, the posterior semicircular canal.  However, rarely you can get BPPV in another of these rings, the horizontal canal.  This ring is set nearly level or horizontal in your head, and controls responses to side to side head movements.  It’s also stronger and more used than the other canals, so it causes a more intense spinning when it is involved.

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