Something rare: Behçet’s Syndrome

There are many rare diseases that cause dizziness.  Although  they are not frequent, they have unusual groups of symptoms that can help make your diagnosis clear.

Behçet’s syndrome is type of vasculitis –inflammation of the blood vessels. This kind of inflammation can damage many different parts of the body.  Dizziness is a frequent symptom, occurring in more than a  third of patients. Typically the disease goes through repeated flare-ups and remissions.

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What causes sudden inner ear damage?

Viruses can damage the inner ear, usually by causing swelling or direct infection of the nerve leading to the ear.  Some viruses are especially attracted to nervous tissue, and these are the ones most likely to lead to this kind of damage.  There are many of these.  Enteroviruses—viruses that inhabit the bowels and are passed out through feces—are particularly common causes. 

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